Hybrid Working means Hybrid Renting

Hybrid Renting – renting for part of the working week.

During Covid-19 the narrative surrounded Hybrid Working, which appears to be the future of the working environment. Hybrid Working can be describe as splitting your working week between working in the office and working remotely from home. This is having a major impact on the rental market where now employees are looking to rent a room for only part of the working week. Getdigs.ie have now coined the phrase as Hybrid Renting.

The benefits of Hybrid Renting for both Homeowners and Lodgers are immense.

For Homeowners

Hybrid Renting room to rent dublin


The beauty of Hybrid Renting for Homeowners is simple. They can avail of the Governments Rent a Room Scheme and earn up to €14,000 per annum Tax Free by renting out a spare room or rooms in their home for a few days each week. This can be Monday to Friday or Wednesday to Friday or even Monday to Wednesday.

It’s really worth while investigating as the Homeowner can make the additional income but at the same time have the house to themselves for the majority of the week. It’s a win-win situation. A spare room in Dublin alone can now earn a homeowner approximately €160 per week on a Monday to Friday basis – depending on the location. If, like in some cases, you have more than one spare room to rent out well happy days!


For Lodgers

Hybrid Renting student accommodation dublin

Again Hybrid Renting is ideal for potential Lodgers who are only looking for a room to rent for some of the working week. The benefits are fantastic. The Lodger need only rent for 2, 3, or 4 days thereby cutting down on rental expenses. Forking out for 3 days rent is a tad more appealing than 5 or 7 days rent. Also the Lodgers commute may be reduced significantly from 10 commutes per week, in some cases, to 2. This allows you to get home for those important club matches or socializing with your friends on weekends.

Additionally, the rooms advertised on Getdigs.ie are of a very high standard, invariably with high speed broadband, TV’s in the rooms and usually a desk and chair for the dedicated students. Again, dare I say it, it’s another win-win scenario for the Lodger.

Hybrid Renting – the future

The work environment that we will return to post Covid-19 will be a completely different environment that we had prior to March 2020. Hybrid Working is something that is here to stay. IBec have completed a survey of employers and results indicate that 51% of employers have recognized Hybrid Working and are putting in structures to ensure it happens smoothly.

Enterprise Solutions have put together a recent blog post called ‘The great office return the hybrid model is here to stay‘ that captures the essence of Remote working and Hybrid Working, check it out it’s worth a read.

The natural knock-on effect of Hybrid Working is Hybrid Renting and Getdigs.ie is perfectly positioned to assist both Homeowners and Lodgers in this transition. If you have any queries about this check out our website and our Blog or email us at admin@getdigs.ie