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How can GetDigs.ie help?

GetDigs.ie is a great resource for Lodgers or potential Lodgers looking for Accommodation Monday to Friday. Our system allows potential Lodgers to make contact with Homeowners who have rooms to rent Monday to Friday or other weekly rental options.

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Avoid Long Commutes & save money with Weekday Room Rental

There has to be a better way...

Because of the changing work environment in Ireland there are thousands of people having to commute long distances to and from work. This is causing a number of stressful situations:

  • You leave home early in the morning. You arrive back home late at night.
  • You are always tired.
  • You spend the weekend catching up on your sleep.
  • Financially, your weekly spend on increasing petrol costs and transport is huge.

The list goes on, but the bottom line is there has to be a better way.

Well there is! GetDigs.ie can help you find Accommodation Monday to Friday - a room available for rent during the working week. Avoid the expense & stress of long daily commutes with weekday room rental.

Accommodation Monday to Friday

What are the advantages of Weekday Rental?

  • Your total commute trips to and from work are reduced from 10 to 2!
  • Go Green! The added benefit of fewer commute trips is a lower carbon footprint.
  • Overall, you will save money due to lower petrol and transport spend.
  • When you do get home on a Friday evening you are fresh and ready to enjoy your weekend with family and friends.
  • Your work/life balance is greatly enhanced.
    • Checkout our Loger FAQ page for more information.