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“My family though I could do with some company and also some way to help with the monthly mortgage repayments. I found and advertised my room and I’m delighted with how it turned out. Niamh is great, she’s clean and friendly and turning out to be a good friend! The extra cash is fantastic too! But the cool thing is that come Friday I have the apartment to myself which is also nice It’s a win-win situation for me!”


Homeowner - Ranelagh - Dublin

“The long commutes from Cork to Limerick and back again that evening were totally depressing. I found I was tired all the time and work and family life was suffering. Come weekends all I did was sleep! Now I stay in Limerick four days a week, literally 10 minutes from work. The guy I stay with is great. I’m getting fit and healthy because I now have time to go to the gym after work and eat healthily, and I can Skype my family in the evenings!”


Lodger -Cork

“Monthly mortgage repayments were becoming problematic. It was causing a bit of a strain to be honest. We had an extra room in our home that was lying idle. That’s when we heard of . Ger stays with us now from Monday to Friday. He is nice and quite. To be honest we don't see him a lot as he gets up early and works late. I must say additional income is very welcome!”

Ciara and Dave

Homeowner – Dublin

“Renting for part of the week is the best thing I have ever done! I rent Monday to Friday, my Homeowner is great and I’m actually saving money due to the reduced commuting costs!”


Lodger - Galway