Rooms to Rent in Dublin – Ever consider Week Day Renting?

Rooms to Rent in Dublin – Student Accommodation is the first online room rental company in Ireland promoting the weekday rental concept. This is an excellent way for people to cut down on their commuting, reduce stress, save money and get more leisure time back into their working week. Weekday rentals are well established in the UK and proving popular for both homeowners and lodgers. It is ideal for student accommodation or professionals who have long daily commutes and the additional benefit of having warm comfortable Digs!

A recent survey conducted by Get Digs indicated that students who live in Digs are happier than those who live in independent accommodation. And this really makes sense as, in some cases meals and utilities are often looked after, and the houses are warm and well kept, which might not be the case in a private rental. It’s a win-win situation for everyone!

rooms to rent in Dublin

Rent a Room Scheme

The attraction for the homeowner is they get extra income, which is tax-free if they are an owner-occupier , and still have weekends to themselves. They do not need to register as landlords and are not subject to normal landlord legislation so it’s very easy to get started. Simply register with Get Digs for a three-month period and upload the details of the room.

No personal information such as phone or email needs to be shared with potential lodgers as all communication is through a secure service (SMS) on the website. This can be a significant boost to household income and the added beauty of this is that the Homeowner can earn up to €14,000 per annum Tax Free under the Governments Rent a Room Scheme. Check out Revenues website for more details on this scheme

Digs and Student Accommodation

The advantage for the lodger is a low cost rental option. Being able to use a room during the working week will significantly cut down on commuting and the associated costs and stresses. Having accommodation close to the workplace allows the lodger to focus on job commitments rather than trying to strike a balance between these commitments and the long distance commute. Being able to get the right work-life balance will pay dividends both in career and well being. The fact that the rental cost is likely to be less than the cost of commuting makes the weekday rental option a win-win situation.

Lodgers register for free on our site and have a full featured search and enquiry facility to find the ideal room. Weekday rentals are also a great choice for students accommodation, sales agents, contract workers and people on job placement as the rent-a-room option is a much simpler agreement with a homeowner rather than the normal tenancy agreement. We have rooms to rent in Dublin, Cork, Limerick, Galway and all the major towns.

Week-day rentals are growing in popularity in the UK with several sites offering the service in London alone. We at Get Digs believe that this is a great idea which will prove very popular for both homeowners and lodgers. In this economy anything that cuts down on costs while improving quality of life is to be welcomed.

The key thing to remember is the Homeowner can create the arrangement that suits them. This may be a Monday to Friday scenario with no meals provided but access to the kitchen or a variety of different scenarios. The options are great and varied.

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