Thinking of renting out a room in your home but are unsure?

renting out a room in your home

There are so many positive reasons in renting out a room in your home and taking in a Lodger. So let’s explore them! Reasons for taking a Lodger into your home Taking a stranger into your home on a long-term basis is a big step for any Homeowner and is a decision that should not…

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The Impact of Covid-19 on the Accommodation sector in Ireland – what does the future hold?

Student Accommodation rent a room Dublin

Covid-19 is everywhere, literally! Everyone you talk to the conversation invariably turns to the Coronavirus. The numbers, the statistics, businesses affected, financial implications, recession looming – all bleak and gloomy facts and figures. With respect to accommodation, the narrative surrounds hotels and the hospitality sector and again the clouds are only dark ones. But in…

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