Accommodation Monday to Friday is a web based service that links Homeowners, who have a spare bedroom in their home to rent, with potential Lodgers who are seeking accommodation Monday to Friday. Generally, the room is let for part of the week i.e. Monday to Friday, Sunday to Thursday or whatever the agreement between Homeowner and Lodger.

Accommodation Monday to FridayLodgers - More and more people have to commute long distances to work each day. Early rises and coming home late is not nice and can be quiet stressful, not to mention costly. Renting a room for part of the week is a great system. You get to work hassle free, you save on transport costs and your stress levels will be considerably lessened. The added bonus is that you are no longer too tired to enjoy your friends and family over the weekend.
Lodgers - All visitors to the website have limited Guest access to our room listings. However, only registered users have full Member access to lisitings and registration is free. This allows the potential lodger to view all rooms available to rent, with full room details provided by Homeowner, and to make contact with a Homeowner if interested in a particular room.
In terms of the weekly cost for the rental of the room and the terms and conditions, this is up to the Homeowner and the potential lodger to agree on.

Check out out Homeowner/Lodger Guidelines and Tips page for more information.

Another great source of information on renting out a room in your home is the Citizen Informations website.